Before Your Session

As of October 2018 my pre session protocol has changed.

  1. You will need to submit your name, interests and experience level to me via email. The more information you provide the better. If you have references that you have seen in the past year, provide their contact information. 


  3. You will need to confirm your appointment with me a few hours before our scheduled time. We will determine a good time for both of us. From there, I will give you a specific address and directions. Be punctual. If you do not confirm at the time given, your appointment will be cancelled.

  4. Cash is always the preferred method of payment for in person sessions (minus deposits). However other methods of payment may be possible. Make sure to inquire before we meet.

During Your Session

  1. You are expected to arrive on time, showered and clean. If you will need to freshen up upon your arrival, let me know beforehand.

  2. Before the session begin, we will have a few minutes to go over any last minute questions, concerns, ideas, interests and goals.

  3. Once we transition from discussion to the actual session, you will be completely under my tutelage. This includes a few ground rules.

  4. You will only be permitted to touch me in the following ways:

    • While draped over my knees, you may hold onto my calves or ankles for support.

    • During foot worship, you may obviously kiss, suck and lick anywhere on my foot. You may put your hands on my ankles or calves.

    • You may hold my hand if I offer it to you. With permission, you may kiss the top of it.

    • If I offer you a hug, you of course may hug back. Your hands will be kept to the small of my waist or higher at all times.

  5. If you violate any of these rules, your session will end immediately and no refund will be offered.  Your reference(s) will be immediately notified of your conduct if applicable and you will be permanently blacklisted. In short, it’s just not worth it.

  6. I will reiterate that, once again, safewords are not used in my sessions. Therefore, things like squirming, protesting, begging, pleading, flailing, crying, etc. will not cause you any activity to end. You must be prepared for this. Much of the time, this is just part of the process. I can handle someone who struggles to fully accept their punishment/discipline. It’s understandable. However, if you’re protesting and trying to get it to stop the entire time, you will have one other option: leave. If you truly do not want to accept what I have to offer, you may leave at anytime. It should go without saying that no refund will be issued if you choose to leave.


  1. I offer both phone and in person consultations. Phone consultation can last 15 or 30 minutes. In person consultations last for 1 hour.

  2. In person consultation will happen in a public setting such as a coffee shop or restaurant. Let me know in advance if there is a certain neighborhood that is most convenient for you. 

  3. Payment for consultations is expected to be made electronically before we are scheduled to meet.


Refunds & Cancellations

  1. Payments made in advance of our session (deposits or prepayments) will not be refunded in the event of a cancellation on your end. 

  2. Failure to confirm your appointment within at your assigned time will result in an cancellation and same day cancellation rules will apply. If you need to reschedule your confirmation time, notify me beforehand.

  3. In the unlikely event that I must cancel our session, any deposits or payments will be immediately refunded in full.